Caisson Laboratories, Inc.

So that all of us might know our members and their industries better, Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present another Business Spotlight. This home page feature will introduce a different member-organizations regularly, giving our supporters and visitors a chance to get to know some of the many businesses that make our association possible.

Logan, Utah

Caisson Labs – An interview with Aaron Lawyer

We spoke with Aaron Lawyer, Sales and Marketing Manager, Caisson Labs.

Cache Chamber: How did Apomyx and Caisson in 2003 and 2006 come about with the merger and all of that?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “I think it was mostly from our President and CEO.  They had an idea to merge with Apomyx.  Caisson formed up in Sugar City, Idaho.  They started in 2000.  In 2003 they merged with Apomyx.  In 2006 they physically merged.  I think the idea was just to have a research arm and the media sales would fund research.” 

Cache Chamber:  “So Caisson was a research arm?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “Caisson was a media manufacturing division.”

Cache Chamber:  “How would you sum up what Caisson Labs does in a nutshell?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “We manufacture media and reagents for cell culture and tissue culture. So, people that are doing biological research, growing cells, they use our media to grow their cells.”

Cache Chamber:  “So you produce the media in the petri dish?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “Yes.”

Cache Chamber:  “Do you know if there are any companies like yours in this area?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “Hyclone (Thermo Fisher) is one of the main companies that do this.”

Cache Chamber:  “Is it identical or similar products, different clients, different industries?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “Similar products, similar industry.  It’s on a different level.  They tend to do more of the larger companies and we do a lot of the smaller research-type.”

Cache Chamber:  “Aside from size of clients, is there anything else that might set you apart from Hyclone?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “We do a lot of smaller volume manufacturing.  I know with Hyclone they have a specific size they want to hit before they’ll want to touch something.  We’ll do pretty much anything, from really small up to a fairly large order.”

Cache Chamber:  “What process here helps you come up with the great ideas in your organization?  Obviously this is kind of a cutting-edge industry; you’ve got to be on top of your game to stay at the forefront of it.  Who does your innovation?  Do you have a team?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “What we do is customer driven.  Our customers will tell us what they need.  So we’ll spin our wheels and change direction based on what our customers need.”

Cache Chamber:  “Since you’ve been here, what is the greatest achievement you’ve seen as a brand/company?  A milestone you’ve achieved?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “I think our biggest was actually getting into a bigger building.” 

Cache Chamber:  “And when did you move into this facility?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “We moved into this building in July of 2015.”

Cache Chamber:  “Where were you previously?  I knew you were close.”

Aaron Lawyer:  “We were in the Innovation Campus about six miles away.”

Cache Chamber:  “And how many employees were you able to add coming to this facility?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “It wasn’t that we added employees, but that we were just able to add more storage space and more capacity.  Our facility’s about one and a half times bigger than the other place.  We were able to store more product here, able to have a bigger refrigerator, able to have a bigger milling capacity.”

Cache Chamber:  “How many employees do you have?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “Currently I believe we have twenty-three.”

Cache Chamber:  “Do you know what is the company vision or outlook for the next 5-10 years?  Do you have expectations to grow at this facility?  Do you have a certain market you want to reach?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “Currently we just have the goal to keep growing.  Making things better and increase the volumes.”

Cache Chamber:  “What would you say is your biggest challenge?  Or for other companies like this?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “The biggest challenge we have is being able to produce product get it out the door – to turn it around quickly.”

Cache Chamber:  “What would you say is the biggest factor in that turnaround time?”

Aaron Lawyer:  “It’s all the nature of our business right now.”

Cache Chamber:  “How long have you been the Sales Manager?” 

Aaron Lawyer:  “Since August of 2012.”

Cache Chamber:  “You’ve been in a leadership position here for some time what advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?  In this company or another.”

Aaron Lawyer:  “Listen to your people, the people you work with.”  


Written By Steven Emile and Warren Kunz, former and current Membership Directors of Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce