ICON HEALTH & FITNESS - Scott Watterson

Logan, Utah – October 23rd 2017


Riding the Trends of Change for Over Four Decades – Behind the Desk of Scott Watterson

In an effort to get to know our members and their industries better, the Cache Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce the Business Spotlight. This home page feature will introduce a different member-business every month, giving our supporters and visitors a chance to get to know the many businesses that make our association possible.

Scott Watterson
To kick off these interviews, we sat down with Scott Watterson, Chairman and CEO of Icon Health & Fitness.

Cache Chamber:“How did Icon Health & Fitness get it’s start? How did this all begin?”

Scott Watterson: “Well it started as [an] answer to a summer job.” *laughter* “A couple of my friends and I started the now Icon business while we were students at Utah State trying to figure out what to do. I went back and worked for the Logan City water department, that’s what I did, and then I thought maybe I’d try something else, maybe business. We started by importing stuff from Taiwan, where I served a mission, and that eventually evolved into exercise equipment. The mini trampoline got us into the industry. That’s a long way around the bases, but that’s how we got there.”

Cache Chamber:“What would you say is your greatest achievement as a brand or company?”

Scott Watterson:“That we’re still here, over 40 years later. We are a homemade Cache Valley product that has been able to stay here, flourish and grow, and gain market share in the industry we are in, and be able to survive the trends of change.”

Cache Chamber:“What advice would you have for another CEO leading a growing company?”

Scott Watterson:“Recognize your assets. Recognize the value of this valley, and the work ethic of the valley, the integrity of work base. Through the internet, the understanding of the world is smaller, so the location becomes more focused on safety, security and the work ethic this valley has that other places don’t. I just recognize that asset.”

Cache Chamber:“What would you say is the biggest challenge you face?”

Scott Watterson:“Being able to recognize the changing trends in the industry, and staying ahead of them.”

Cache Chamber:“What do you see as the latest trend?”

Scott Watterson:“One of the latest trend is wearable tech, more interactive tech, and incorporating group dynamics from fitness clubs. We have a shoe company, Altra Shoe Company, that is the fastest growing specialty run shoe in the country right now, and one of the key aspects of it is it has a technology in it that allows you to see if you are pronating or supinating maybe hard or soft on the ball of your foot. This offers real-time coaching on a run, it’s pretty neat technology.”

Cache Chamber:“What prompted your partnership with the Chamber of Commerce?”

Scott Watterson: “From the beginning, I said something about the environment. The Chamber influences the environment that the associates and Icon live in. Having that positive influence improves the wellbeing of the organization. I think it’s important that when we’re recruiting people to come here to work, that they can see the value of this community, and I think the Chamber serves that purpose. I think the Chamber also serves the purpose of bringing good companies together throughout the valley so that the standard of living, the work ethic, the type of environment supports each other. It’s impressive. We’ve moved from an agrarian society, which is perfectly fine, in fact I’d like to do that myself more, and we can, that’s what’s nice about here. But there’s now more technology businesses in the valley, that people recognize. There’s a lot of muscle going on up here, in technology. Lots of opportunities for Utah State graduates to go to school here and stay here. And the Chamber can inform, if you will, those students and businesses that are looking to relocate somewhere, and the current employee base as to the value of living here.”

To learn more about Icon Health & Fitness, their products, or their incredible story, visit them online at www.iconfitness.com.


Written By Steven Emile Membership Director Cache Chamber of Commerce