We're partnering with CGI Communications!

As part our effort to build value for your business and our community, we are excited to announce a partnership with CGI Communications to build a video program that will highlight our local community as one of the greatest places to live, do business, and thrive. From this partnership, along with your support, we will be able to build a valuable tool in attracting new businesses and skilled workers to Cache Valley.

In their own words, "CGI Communications is a company dedicated to serving communities and businesses across the United States. Our video programs help tell the stories of communities that make up the majority of the nation, while also putting Main Street businesses in the spotlight, and highlighting the meaningful impact they can have on their community. This important synergy is a crucial element to CGI’s mantra of creativity, growth and inspiration; helping cities and the businesses that plant their roots within stand apart, bring in new residents, and have a positive impact on the people who live there." 

The following is a signed letter of introduction from Jamie Andrus, President and CEO of Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce. If you would like more information on this program or CGI Communications, please reach out to Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce at 435-752-2161 or at taylor@cachechamber.com. 

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